Out of state employment

Remote employees who want to work outside of Minnesota for longer than a short-term trip, including employees who live and work in neighboring states such as Wisconsin, must receive formal approval. All states and the District of Columbia have been reviewed for compliance and administrative topics. If the state is not listed below, out-of-state work is prohibited.

Approved states

Alabama - AL, Arkansas - AR, Arizona - AZ, Delaware - DE, Florida - FL, Georgia - GA, Iowa - IA, Indiana - IN, Idaho - ID, Illinois - IL, Kansas - KS, Louisiana - LA, Maine - ME, Michigan - MI, Missouri - MO, Mississippi - MS, Nevada - NV, North Carolina - NC, North Dakota - ND, Nebraska - NE, New Hampshire - NH, New Mexico - NM, Oklahoma - OK, South Carolina - SC, South Dakota - SD, Tennessee - TN, Texas - TX, Utah - UT, Vermont - VT, Virginia - VA, Wisconsin - WI, West Virginia - WV


Contact the Hennepin County Human Resources Service Center

612-348-7855 or HR.ServiceCenter@hennepin.us