Eligibility for internal job postings

Who can apply?

Some job postings are open only to current employees.

To be eligible for these jobs, you must be a regular or probationary employee. Temporary employees are not eligible to apply.

Regular employees

  • Hired into a regular position and have passed a probationary period.
  • Employees in an acting position or mobility assignment to another department are not eligible for opportunities in that department. Those employees remain eligible for opportunities within their permanent department.

Temporary employees

Temporary employees are not eligible for jobs open only to internal candidates. Temporary employee categories include:

  • Limited duration
  • Grant
  • Trainee
  • Seasonal
  • Unclassified
  • Intern
  • Volunteer

Limited duration employees

  • Up-to two years and fewer than 20 hours per week or irregular work schedule, no benefits or
  • Six months or less up-to 40 hours per week, no benefits or
  • Scheduled hours, six months to two years, and 20 or more hours per week, earns benefits

Trainee employees

Enrolled in approved training with no status as an employee

Seasonal employees

  • Employed for seasonal work for specific period or
  • limited to nine months of employment in any 12-month period

Grant-funded employees

Position is defined by terms of the grant

Unclassified employees

Appointed or elected individuals

Questions about your employment status?

Contact your payroll contact or HRSC at 612-348-7855