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Our Interconnected Departments:

A Deeper Dive

County Administration

Hennepin County Administration leads the Hennepin County organization in carrying out the policies of the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners. Learn more about county leadership.

Disparity reduction

Disparity Reduction provides direction and strategy to facilitate systems change, advance equity, and eliminate disparities. Learn more about our commitment to disparity reduction.

Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services encompasses the county’s health care activities and administration of categorical assistance programs to eligible, needy individuals and families. This area of work also includes statutory and discretionary health and social services; assistance to eligible individuals and families; federal and state employment training programs and services; and services to eligible veterans.

Law, Safety & Justice

Law, Safety and Justice encompasses and connects the county’s public safety and justice systems, each serving a unique, yet interconnected role throughout the justice process.


Operations encompasses the policy making, administrative support and staff services necessary for the efficient and effective management of county programs.

Public Works

Public Works encompasses transportation, transit, energy, environmental protection, and waste management services.

Resident Services

Resident Services supports a well-functioning and engaged civil society for all residents, encompassing core government systems that empower voting, enable lifelong learning opportunities with public libraries, provide licenses and vital records, maintain real estate records, and ensure accurate property taxes.